Friday, January 11, 2013

Glittered Wine Glasses

A friend's birthday is coming up. I know she loves White Wines. So I decided to try my hand at putting together a wine gift basket. I had two wine glasses sitting around the house for a few months so I used them.

The blog where I got the idea was Inspire, Design, and Create. Such an awesome blog, she does an amazing job explaining how to do it I'm going to direct you there for directions. The only difference was I used enamel instead of lacquer for my glasses.
Finshed product!!

I put together a wine gift basket for her using:
A basket my Mom got that she was not going to use
Scrapple Wine from Adams County Winery
Mulling Spices from The Spice Man at Pa Farm Show

Hopefully she will LOVE IT!

Happy Birthday Lisa!

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