Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentines Day!

 I found this idea on Pinterest and it was linked to this Blog. 
Mom loves Valentines Day and always wants something romantic to happen. I got Dad to help me do this so we each had to come up with 26 ideas. At first his were like thanks for cleaning...thank God they got more romantic..haha. He turned out to have some good ones.

 The Supplies:
Cricuit Cutter
The Paper Studio Rhinestones brought at Hobby Lobby when they were half off so i got those for .99 Cents
Card Stock Pearled also from Hobby Lobby brought when half off for $10 for a huge pack
The Scrapbook Rings from Hobby Lobby for  $1.79 using a 40% coupon
The Bicycle Cards a whole deck got from a ebay Seller. $4.90
Tacky Glue from Walmart $1.50ish
Hole Punch which i had

My Cricut mats are old so I used tape to secure the paper on the mat and cut the rectangles out. I set the Cricut to cut out 1.5 inch by 2.5 inch rectangles in pink and red for the outline. Then I cut out 1.25 inch by 2.25 inch rectangles in white to write on. After cutting out enough for each card I glued the pink and red rectangles on the card. Letting them dry between wax paper and placing books on them for weight.
While they were drying I wrote on the white section then glued on the white section and repeated the process.
This is the end result inside. 

Thanks for reading my first blog post. Hope you enjoy it :)

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